Chloe Whipple


It is the Summer of 2010 and Chloe has asked if she can be the Assistant Director on a production we’re doing that Autumn. She is disappointed to find out that there is no role available. In such circumstances, most people roll down their sleeves and walk out. But Chloe is different.

“Is there anything else I can do? I’m happy to help out anywhere.”

“Well, we’re refurbishing at the moment, and could always do with a hand pulling off the plasterboard.”

The next day Chloe is wearing white overalls and a paper mask, exposing the brickwork in what is to become our box office.

This seems to encapsulate Chloe: persistent and practical, but beyond all this unthinkingly generous. She’s the person in the Bike Shed most likely to remember a birthday, the one most often asking “does anyone want anything from town”. She has worked behind the bar, on stage and created her own work with her delightful company Theatre Rush. She wears a hamster costume for important occasions, such as when devising with Third Man.

When, in 2012, we found a space for the development of new work, she was the natural choice to manage this, combining her enthusiasm for making Exeter a city that supports artists with her willingness to put in the hours needed to make this project work. A year later, she took over the running of Framework, our artist development arm, from Callum Elliott-Archer (of whom more later). As the countless artists who have been looked after by Chloe will testify, she possesses the enviable skill to ask the right questions. In the right way. At the right time.

She is our longest serving member of staff and she is an asset not just to the Bike Shed, but to the whole city.

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