Sebastian Pope


Without Seb, there would probably be no Bike Shed. It was Seb whose idea it was to put on a play in the Hour Glass Inn back in 2007. It was Seb who wished me a happy twenty-sixth birthday, leading me to suggest us putting on another play in the Hour Glass, which became the first time Fin and I worked together. And it was Seb who led on the cleaning and clearing, transforming the Bamboo Gardens into the Bike Shed Theatre. He was the one contacting suppliers and collecting the drinks for the bar, building part of the stage and bringing in Otto Retro to supply the furniture.

It was a delight when Seb returned in 2011 with his company Theatre of the Owl to present three productions.

As all who know him will testify, he is a very funny man, always making light of life, a constant performer. It is only those who know him well, though, who get to see what lurks beneath – a drive for recognition, a desire to leave his mark. I feel privileged to know him.

The Bike Shed owes Seb a debt for its quirkiness, its charm, its sense of humour. He still makes work, back at the Hour Glass, and it is always typified by those same characteristics, added to which is his unique connection with an audience; his passion, always, to entertain.

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